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About Us

II. Enterprise Tenet

We are carrying on our enterprise tenet -- “Inheriting Science and Technology, Dedicating Excellence”, and carrying forward indomitable spirit to strive for the first person; support high grade products and perfect customer service by advanced technology, perfect facilities, and scientific management. We are working hard to be one of the best suppliers in the new material field of the world.

III. Action Rules

Persist in “Responsible to users, and promise to market”;

Persist in “Guide by supply and demand in domestic and international markets, and supply customer by higher quality and lower price production”;

Persist in “Gain customer’s trust and affirmation by good service and credit, make good cooperate-relationship with both customer and sales partners”.

IV. Goals and Objective

Catching up with and surpass the advanced world levels, become one of the world’s top producers in heating element production area.

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element is a new cermet material resistance heating component, which consist of Mosi2. It has the ability to withstand oxidation at high temperatures, then due to the formation of a thin and adhesive protective layer of quartz glass on the surface to protect itself out of oxidation. Therefore, Mosi2 heater has a unique property that is resistant to oxidation in high-temperature (generally used in furnace temperature1300℃-1800℃), which be used in a wide range of manufacturing metallurgy, steelmaking, glass, ceramics, refractory, crystalloid, electronic component, and semiconductor material etc. Especially, Mosi2 heater is the requisite heating element in heat sintering process of high-performance ceramics, high rank synthetic crystalloid, sophisticated structure cermets, glass fiber, optical fiber as well as high rank alloy steel, and it is the best environment-protecting product in the heating area in the 21st Century.

Torch Mosi2 heating element is a kind of high technology products, which was developed by Chinese and foreign experts working together. The unique and advanced production techniques keep the fundamental materials in good toughness and plastic, may produce any special shape and any dimension to meet the requirement of customer. Meanwhile Torch Mosi2 heating element can be ranked beside the best of their kind in the world at the appearance, welding spot quality,hot and cold bending strength as well as the bruise resistance, which is safe for installation and use.